Golden nails

It has been quite a long time I was longing for a golden nailpolish. I did not like gold when I was younger but since I read a book by a Czech author Loukotková called Není římského lidu (sorry the title was apparently never translated, is means something like "There is no people of Rome") golden nails caught my attention. The book itself is about the Rome at the time of emperor Nero and the main character is Petronius. There is a passage when empress Poppaea tries to poison Petronius with a wine and when she is thinking he is dying or dead already she makes him a kind of a tribute when she dresses the way he always liked women to be dressed. In white dress and golden nails and narcissus perfume. It was described really nicely. (I just must read it again soon.) So finally, I also have my own golden nailpolish, Petronius Arbiter Elegantiae would be happy ;)