autumn forest

This greyish skirt is the first piece of a garment I sew and was wearable. I still love it, although it is about 8 years old. To be honest, this was my firt skirt I attempted to wear for my Japanese lolita outfit, it was created when I discovered this style and wanted to immediatelly wear it. As you can see it is too short for lolita fashion (on the other hand, I grew up a little since then) and has not a cotton lace (but it´s pretty). But it doesn´t matter to me, I still like to wear it from time to time.
I still feel some nostalgia when I remember the beginnings of the lolita fashion community in my country. It started with one blog written by an enthusiast girl who looked for more people with the same taste in fashion. It was all very amateurish (do not get this wrong!) and DIY and gentle and polite. There is quite a large community now, plus some more people wearing the style but not cooperating in the community (eg. me ;)) and it is overruled by Japanese lolita brands etc. But still, we have plenty of handmade stuff and seamstresses trying to push their way through a mob to the sun (maybe I will be one of them someday).