DIY: clutch

You will need:
♦ some fabric, thread
♦ an old plastic file
♦ press stud
♦ hole puncher (or a pair of scissors)
♦ paper, pencil, chalk

(1) measure the plastic file and make a paper pattern, it should look like this:

(2) put the paper pattern on the fabric, mark the pattern onto the fabric with a chalk and cut it twice out (do not forget to add centimeter  or two!)

(3) sew the fabric together (pink to pink, violet to violet) following the lines you made with the chalk, hten turn the top fabris inside out

(4) get rid of the original press button, make holes on the placewhere it originally was

(5) take the lining (the inside out), put it in the plastic file and then put this into the top fabric (the outside out)

(6) sew the lining and the top fabric together (you are sewing round the folding part of the file)

(7) now you should not be able to see the plastic file, find the holes you made in the plastic file by touch (they should be cca where the red dots are), make a little holes in the fabrics (but do not cut the fabric out! otherwise it might fray) and punch the pressing button onto the clutch

(8) now you are ready to go out with your new clutch!