Bunny in the top hat

This is one of the first dresses I created when I started to be in Japanese lolita fashion and when I learned how to sew a wearable piece. I made it maybe two days before I left for a  trip to England, I was inspired by the country and its fashions so I created something that would (in my opinion) fit to it. Funny thing was I did not have much time so I was handsewing the white decoration at the hotel room during the trip. The shirt is also made by me, it has a black madeira embroidery on the décolletage but it cannot be seen there, it is partly hidden under the dress, I will show you some photo of the embroidery some other time.
The last thing I want to talk about is the pair of the shoes, I love them so much and they are quite comfy! It is one of the most comfortable shoes with heels I have. I was looking for this type of shoes for such a long time, then I found them at Tamaris. It is made from leather and has a lovely pink sole and the inside of the shoe.