Christmas lolita meet-up vol. 6 (2013)

The preparation period:
• I bought a new christmas fabric, it is a green and white colour combination. I like the idea of seasonal clothing, last year I sewed myself a skirt and a shirt with reindeers. I did this without the intention to wear it to some meet, just for fun. I knew there were held these meets every year regularly, but I never had enought guts to go there alone. I did not know anyone there although they say it is a newbie friendly lolita meet-up... but it is a Christmas meet-up (= time for family and friends) and so many people there...

• I got to know a meet-up organizer Ketmara when I got to new university. It is always nice to discover someone from a specific community at a "normal" place. I asked her about the meet-up and decided that I will go there.
• I figured out I love the last year´s skirt and want to wear it. No need to sew in a hurry the white-green skirt. But then...
• Doubts about what to wear approached quite quickly, it is a Christmas meet, on the other hand I might wear some "normal" lolita dress.
• I decided I need to sew a corset from some leftover fabric of the skirt I wanted to wear.

corsetmaking stays christmas sew corset korzet underbust

• Also matching bag would be nice... but there was no time left :/
• I also created a headband with a holly made of plastic, sounds definitelly horrible, but I think it did not look that bad.

The meet-up:
• I got a little lost when travelling to the Café, I always have a problem when getting out of  the underground, there are too many exits and I always seem to choose the wrong one.This time I was rescued by Lucy, thank you!
• Wow, the place was so crowded, I believe the petticoats are to be blamed :D
• I met many interesting people :)
• I was glad that the get-to-know-you game did not include sitting on someone else´s lap. Yes, I have witnessed a few very crazy and embarassing games.
• I got a nice brooch from Ketmara, thank you!, and bought lolita calendar, a headband with roses from Kameko (I must create one with blue roses too, Lyanna Stark style ;)) and a badge with Alice from Lyrel.

Czech lolita calendar brooch rose headband red

• I fell in love with one dress, I must still think about buying it, must decide on that yet, Christmas is very money consuming.
• I got photographed by Grestem and am curious how the photos will work out.
• I had to leave too soon because of previous engagements which were very fun too, but that is a different story ;)
• I am sorry I did not get to taste some of the delicious looking cakes but I was laced quite tightly in my corset and even a latté almost killed me (ok, I had two sandwiches before, but still, that is not that much!).
• And my outfit? Here you go....

christmas gold outfit lolita Japanese watch selfmade
...yeah, I´ve got knees and no shoes ;)