Red autumn

I enjoy wearing my red coat, although many might say it is not original at all. Some might think that women will choose red colour as their first choice when they cannot wear monochrome colours (white – grey – black). I do not agree with this opinion but there might be something to it. Red is very popular colour that is connected with passion, love fire, but also with danger, sacrifice and blood. In Asia it is a colour associated with happiness, but in some other countries it might be associated with ideology. In old Rome a particular shade of red was reserved only for the emperor.  In the Christian art Jesus Christ and Virgin Mary have often red colour on their clothes. During the Baroque and Rococo era red heels were a symbol of person´s high status. Later on the red colour was used on the caps of people supporting the Revolution in France, it was symbol of liberty. When I look into the popular culture of these days I can spot some associations with the red coat too: Evil Red Coat in the series Pretty Little Liars or Crimson Avenger, did you know there is tavern called Red Coat? It makes me wonder whether they have a dresscode in there ;)
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  1. Red is my favourite colour but in my experience, although it is striking, more people prefer cool blues and greens and wear red just to make a statement. I wear something red most days because I love it so much but it is a colour that means so many different things that it's a bit difficult to pin down


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