Showy zippers

It had been some time ago when I had seen it for the first time on a beautiful dress... but my hatred still did not fade away.
Just imagine: you are in a shop and after some time spent desperately looking for a dress ,you actually see it on a rack, you pick it and start looking at it more closely, it looks so nice, you turn the dress around and you see... a hideous BIG showy zipper, "optimally" in a contrasting colour or something like that, the exact opposite of an invisible zippers used by seamstresses, what an eyesore! Luckilly for me, this trend is fading away (Thank Goodness!), but still can be seen here and there. I was resisting this trend quite successfully, but then I accidentally bought one sheer dress with this kind of a showy zipper in a thrift store.
Beside this abuse of zippers, it is a very helpful invention.
It consists of two rows with teeth that are entwining and interconnecting the two rows. All the magic is done by a slider that has Y shape and is joining the teeth togenter or separating them in the two rows. The modern zip was designed by Gideon Sundbäck.
What is your attitude to showy zippers? Do you like them? Tolerate them? Loathe them?


  1. I'm not bothered by them. But I do like to wear cardigans on top of dresses and that hides it perfectly


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