Worlds hidden on pages and in frames

bookworm outfit white shawl medieval
How is it even possible that we manage to live in reality of our world when so many great fantasy worlds are hidden on pages and in frames. Wouldn´t we sometimes like to live somewhere else, in some happier and more colourful reality? What are people capable to do to experience the greatest moments during our relatively short lives. Falling down the rabbithole or entering the hidden world behind the small door in the Pink PalaceApts. does not seem to be that demanding, would we go behind that to catch that volatile moment of peace? Would we be able to sacrifice all the technology andinventions like Adriana if we had the possibility to fulfil our dream and livein the past ages? Would you take drugs like Robin Wright or would you be able to sew buttons on your eyes if it meant you could live in a place made entirely for you?