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 yellow retro dress red tulip 1960s

For the 1960s are typical hemlines of the skirts  in the lenght obove the knees which appeared in the second half of the decade. The fashion of short skirts became popular quite quickly because it was something new and different and also associated with young people. Among the pioneers belonged designers John Bates, Mary Quant (Bazaar), Barbara Hulanicki (Biba) or YSL with his iconic dress. Wearing of miniskirts was only acceptable thanks to the existence of tights. The stokings were not worn anymore, because the stoking ends underneath the short skirts would show. The tights were often patterned. For this era kitten heels were typical. Another iconic person of the era was the 1st lady of the USA Jackie Kenedy, who wore more matured and elegant style. Thanks to Twiggy, flase eyelashes became popular and apart from the shorter skirts another trend was born in the 1960s - bikinis!
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  1. Such a beautiful dress and I love the tights and shoes!

  2. I'm quite sure bikinis started somewhere in the 50s but the 60s made it acceptable. Just a nitpick. But I do love tights of all kinds


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