Fashion Show: Vivienne Westwood Red Label RTW Fall 2014

Have you seen this one? It took place in London 16th February 2014. I just fell in love with a few pieces, so I decided I have to make a review and pinpoint my favourites. I am a fan of Viv´s work, some of the designs from her are too over the top for me, but some I love. So here is a youtube video that summs up the whole show, I will also link to the photos of the looks I am going to talk about and am fan of. You can see photos of the whole collection here. So, put the lights out and pretend for a while that you are at London Fashion Week, enjoy!

We can see that V.W. is bringing us back in the 1980s with exaggerated shoulders of her coat designs (0:36) that can be seen at the beginning of the show. Not my favourite fashion era , but here in these looks it kinda works. I would have to try the coats on to see by myself  if it deforms the shape of my body in a fab or drab way. For eg. this orange one at 01:20. Have you noticed those huge lapels in the shape of heart? That is a nice touch, although I do not like the literal hearts on some of the looks in this RTW collection.
I like the Jackie Kennedy inspired hat at 0:45 or this blue one matching nicely with a suit reminding me of stewardesses´ uniforms. Remember this notorious outfit from 1963 (rest in peace, J.F.K.)?
File:Kennedys arrive at Dallas 11-22-63.JPG
(J.K. with her husband president J.F. Kennedy in Dallas, source: Wikipedia)
Not a big fan of this look at 2:39, but the hairdo and make-up is glorious.
This look at 07:25 is just great, I love stripes, the (velvet?) jacket looks fabulous and the hat is nice too, I have a thing for hats, as you can see.
This dress at 08:00 looks so aristocratic, they actually remind me of Japanese gothic lolita´s dresses. I love them, would not change a thing on them. And have you noticed the earrings? The punk and aristocratic looks are merged here to create a modern piece for a rebelling aristocrats and quaintrelles, like myself ;)
One of the nicest dresses in my opinion is this red draped dress at 08:51.

This model at 09:56 had such a nice make-up and hairdo, I admired the accessories too, very 1950s inspired.

What could I say about this look at 10:15? I love it! Reminding me of Galliano´s S/S 2006 haute couture show inspired by the Revolution. It is just like meeting the Queen herself, I would put this look as the last one, the most pompous one. It was followed by a nice black dress, but I think they cannot beat the "dress for the Queen".