Lestat´s coat and Tim´s tights

red coat bridge rust freezing white scarf
photo by Y 
I like to wear my red coat from Tchibo with various fake fur collars or scarves in the winter. I do not have many coats in my wardrobe so this tiny detail helps me to change the look to fit more outfits and I am not bored with wearing one coat again and again. I also like to wear various pins on my coats to underline other colours in my outfit and make it more fun.

red coat Tchibo brown fur H&M Martens Docs stripes
photo by Y
This particular combination of red fur and brown fake fur H&M collar reminds me of a novel by Anne Rice: The Vampire Lestat, [SPOILER] where the main character, Lestat, kills during his mortal days a wolf pack. The scene is very impressive and Lestat almost dies. Later he is given by his friend a luxurious red coat lined with the wolves´ fur. [SPOILER]
The striped tights remind me of  movies by Tim Burton, where the costumes of his characters often wear striped clothes.
During the autumn 2013 I "discovered" floral and fruit hair accessories. I really fell in love with them. While wandering through city streets I do not see these very often, I think it gives my hair more unique style. I am a big fan of hair accessories since I love the rococo era in France, women were wearing piles of flowers, fruits, animals and other objects in their big hair styles. Although we are not wearing such hairstyles in these days, it is not bad to remember the ages past and bring something from the frivolous fashions into the grey reality of everyday life.


  1. I love your coat. It's the perfect shade of red.


  2. Amazing post!!!




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