My dream of spring

Went "shopping" into my mother´s wardrobe and pulled out this black skirt and white sweater. I paired it with black Deichmann leather boots and this Calzedonia tights with print. They do not look that well on the photo, they are bordeaux with red roses and pearl necklaces. The brown faux leather purce is a lucky find in a trift shop. I also wore a bunch of necklace, I thought they went well with the print on the tights. Notice the Eiffel tower pendant and the medaillon, they are my favourites.
trinket bead medaillon Eiffel pursebrown purse leather laser flower

J´adore la Tour Eiffel et Paris! <3

File:Construction of the Eiffel Tower.JPG
(Construction of the Eiffel Tower, source Wikimedia Commons)
Add The Dream of Spring... I am influenced by the George R.R. Martin A Song of Ice and Fire books obviously, I cannot wait to read the next book, Winds of Winter! There have been a few chapters released already, to be honest, I liked Theon Greyjoy´s the most, although he is not my favourite character, because it contains a big spoiler that I was wondering about and it proved true!
Also, although I read all the five books that were published I am looking forward to see the season 4, watch the trailer here in case you haven´t seen it yet (although I liked trailers for previous two seasons more).