Inspiring people: Auguste Toulmouche

Today´s post is about inspiration in historical clothing. I am fascinated by fashions of the past eras and consider period paintings to be the best resource. I recently discovered this painter, I have never heard of him, but I see now it would be a shame not to introduce him to more people.
Auguste Toulmouche was a French 19th century painter who became famous for his paintings of Parisian women. As you can notice, the paintings capture the changes in the fashions quite well. From the voluminous hoop skirts, that were popular at the beginning of the 19th century (the beginning of Queen Victoris´s reign in England, Jane Eyre costumes), to the bustle gowns, that were worn at the last decades of the 19th century and Gibson girls, the look that became popular around 1890s.
Vanity by A. T., 1890 (source: Wikipaintings) - check out the painting in it´s original format here.
Sweet doing nothing by A. T., 1877 (source: Wikipaintings) - check out the full HD format here.
The Ticket by A. T. (source: Wikipaintings) - more details here.
Reading Lesson by A. T., 1865 (source: Wikipaintings)
Consolation by A. T., 1867 (source: Wikipaintings)
In the Library by A. T., 1872 (source Wikimedia Commons)
The Love Letter by A. T., 1883 (source: Wikipaintings)
La Toilette by A. T., 1890 (source: Wikipaintings) - check out the full format here.