Moschino Fall 2014 RTW Junkfood Collection

Have you seen the newest collection Moschino Fall RTW 2014 by Jeremy Scott? What do you think about it? I enclosed a short video that summs the whole collection up, but you can look at all of the designs here. I am a bit appalled by it. People in the video say they are lovin´ it, that it is a great joke. But what does it say about our society? Gluttony, capitalism, cheap entertainment and junkfood. That makes me sad, not amused. Not only do we put unhealthy food inside our bodies by eating it, which influences our outside look later on. Are we going to dress in the junkfood brands now too?
What is the purpose of this alleged joke collection? The only thing I can imagine one could do is to go to the nearest McDonald´s and take a few nice pictures like Chiara Ferragni from The Blonde Salad did. But would you really invest that much money just to have a few photos for your Instagram? Or is Moschino going to make affordable clothes for masses now? I highly doubt it. On whose expense this joke really is, the junkfood brands, the people working there or the people eating there who at the same time cannot afford clothes by Moschino? Are the people who can afford this junkclothes now going to mock the ones who cannot and who are for various reasons participating in the mass culture of consumerism and buy their clothes in clothing chain stores?
We know one thing for sure now - the collection has accomplished its purpose, it surely is controversial and much talked about, which is certainly desired publicity for the designer and the brand too. On the other hand - all the brands featured in the collection can now consider a legal action against Moschino. I am curious about that.

Add the bondage dress - Did you know how the bondage trousers with lots of belts and straps were created? It is a fashion created by the homeless people who used the straps to travel on trains for free.