Skirt of cards

cards, house of cards, red, black, white, Georgiana Quaint, handmade
Photo by Y

This is the first skirt with scalloped hem I ever made, I already styled it in this winter post. I grew fond of scallops, so I made this year´s Christmas skirt with it too, although it is quite demanding technique, one has to be precise when sewing ;). The white cardigan with wooden buttons used to be my mother´s and the red tights are from Calzedonia.
I love their tights because they have a low waistline and they do not slide down. I usually buy a bigger size than the charts are suggesting, just to be sure they won´t break and won´t slide down. Their tights have an amazing endurance, I am wearing a lot of them for 5, 6 years and they are still great. One pair even survived my fall on the concrete in high heels, I had a bloody knee but the tights were fine, lol. So, that´s my tip for today: colourful tights from Calzedonia, one size bigger than the charts are suggesting.
skirt of cards, black, white, mouth, kiss, wood, steampunk 
 Photo by Y


  1. What a smile-inducingly delightful skirt! Goodness, do I love it's sense of whimsy, which is not without a helping hand from chic-ness, too. Very, very cool piece, dear gal, which, I should add, you've styled marvelously.

    ♥ Jessica

    1. ♥ Thank you very much for your nice comment :)


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