Crimes of the hot

quintrelle, georgiana, quaint, retro, polka dots, vintage, secondhand, blue, maritime, navy
 | dress: secondhand | handbag: vintage | flats: Pimkie |
... is the title of the 8th episode in the 4th season of my favourite US series Futurama. This title also (unfortunately) perfectly sums up the weather that is almost torturing us lately in the Czech Rep., really, temperatures higher than 36 C dgr. are not that common here and they usually do not last that long. What is happening with out Mother Earth, -20 C dgr. in NYC in the winter is also something unprecedented. I am really lazy during these high temperatures, yes, I can finally appreciate the siestas in Spain and southern France that are usually making me (tourist) angry, because hey! I want to buy a souvenir or some pastry! I am also unable to wear layered clothes and without it my outfits seem to be boring. Ok I can take pictures of all my summer dresses and I will soon run out of them. You could argue that I could spice it up a little with some accessories, but no, I cannot, because the sweat would soon cause corosion to all my pieces form metal. So I don´t post that often right now, sorry.
Now it´s time for the commentary on my look: the dress is secondhand, it used to be my cousin´s and I love it. A little bolero from the same fabric belongs to this dress but I almost never wear it. What I appreciate about this dress is the solid navy polka dots fabric, it really changes my posture when I zip it up. But it also makes my stomach more visible when I over-eat myself, oops. The yellow handbag is also secondhand from another member of my family, it looks almost vintage but I did not find any label to search more info about the piece. The blue pair of flats is from Pimkie that I bought years ago. OK, I am almost ashamed that I still wear them, I should toss them soon, but I recently had to toss 3 pairs of shoes so I have a little shortage now and no, I don´t want to wear heels in this crazy weather.
And what about you? What do you wear in really hot weather?

quintrelle, georgiana, quaint, retro, polka dots, vintage, secondhand, blue, maritime, navy


  1. Even without layering and accessories, this really is a fabulous look. The dress could not fit more perfectly!


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