Nude chiffon dress

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| nude chiffon dress: secondhand | white sweater | nude purse: CCC | black sneakers: Vagabond |
This is one of the garments from my recent secondhand haul, you can see the photo from this haul on my Instagram, I fell in love with the machine embroidery, it reminds me of some Art Nouveau designs.
I always admired Veronica Lake´s iconic hair-do, I never tried it on myself until recently and it quite works, so I am happy. I have longer hair than she had and it does not stay curled, it straightens during the day unless I use a product. Do you try iconic hair-dos on yourselves too?


  1. My hair is curly and doesn't stay in a particular style so while I do have a Veronica lake curl, styling it in general doesn't last long and it just gets messy quickly

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