Video: Christmas lolita meet-up

Today I am sharing with you the video from the Christmas lolita meet-up that was held on Saturday in Prague and also my outfit that could not be seen in the video because I was holding the camera ;).
My outfit was inspired by a story about Marie Antoinette. It is said that in snowy winter 1776 she and her friend the Princesse de Lamballe caused an outrage because the two of them rode in the Bois de Bologne in a sleigh, they were clad in white dresses and furs and covered with diamonds and their hair aranged in high poufs was powdered. It was considered distasteful by the poor starving people, which might be true, especially because the flour used for the hairdos by aristocrats was the same flour normal people would use to bake bread to eat and there was a shortage of flour. Although maybe considered thoughtless by the then Frenchmen I love this scene. It must have looked amazing! (You can read about this story and many more fashion excesses in the book I am holding in the photo: The Queen of Fashion by Caroline Weber.)
Therefore I went for a white dress this Christmas and was happy to finish them in time. I paired the dress with a white blouse that I also made and a set of "silver" earrings and bracelet with snowflakes and "diamonds". I did my hair in my havourite rope braid with the help of Kanekalon hair extension and put a "silver" brooch in it. Although people in these days connect this hairdo with the politician Tymošenková that donns a similar updo, I actually have another personality in my mind - the empress Sisi. My original plan was actually to adorn the rope braid with a few so called Sisi stars but I had no time to create them, maybe next year (this project is actually taking a few years now, lol, I really should make myself to do it finally)? The green "emerald" pendant also has its own story. It has been a few years since I read The Witching Hour by Anne Rice and from the moment I read about the flapper girl witch dancing charleston in her 1920s dress with the Mayfair family emerald pendant the idea stuck in my head and I had to have one too (thank you Swarovski for your broad selection of gems). The Mayfair family jewels actually have a little dark secret that I will not spoil for you.
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| white dress: handmade | white blouse: handmade |
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  1. Posted a review of your little Prague video.( YouTube and Facebook) Looked like a lovely day for you all.
    You should do more Lolita videos. There is a gap in the Youtube market.

    1. Thanks! I know about the gap but I consider myself loner lolita (admirer?), this is actually the only lolita event I go to every year. But I was thinking about it, maybe something lifestyle related or crafty. My style also changed a bit, moved a little from lolita because I have matured too, I actually wrote about this in the Czech lolita magazine: (page 20, there is also English translation).

  2. your coord was like from fairytale :3 Thank you so much for the video! I can't wait for the next one ^__^


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