Video: Pumpkins of all shapes and sizes

This video is all about pumpkins that fascinate me and make me smile during grey autumn days. Plus they can be cooked in healthy and tasty meals! I hope you will enjoy it as much as I enjoyed this trip to the Botanical garden Troja in Prague.

I mentioned the recipe for a pumpkin soup, here you go again:

• cut 1 pumpkin (cca 1 kg) in pieces and remove the seeds
• cut one bigger potato in pieces
• put the pumpkin and potato in steamer for cca half an hour
• let it cool
• put the pumpkin, potato, grated ginger root (cca 2 tablespoons), nutmeg (cca 1 teaspoon), salt and milk (cca 250 ml) in a blender and blend it
• cook it for a while to warm the soup up
• add more milk, ginger, salt or nutmeg if it is needed