How to pull off tonal dressing

It took me a lot of years to find out that wearing just one colour or a few shades of one colour could actually look pretty good. This revelation came to me probably after a lot of hours I spent looking at historical clothes and Japanese lolita fashion. In some eras women wore dresses that had just one colour, examples can be found in rococo, empire, Victorian, turn of century fashions and many more. So why does it look like we abandoned this style? It briefly came back to fashion in 2014 but to be honest – I did not see many examples of this style of dressing on the streets. (Except for one really stylish elderly lady I keep encountering in the city, I wish I will be so stylish when in granny age.) So, how to pull off this style?
• When wearing only one colour, make sure the textures are different and complimenting to each other.
• When wearing one colour, pick a statement accessory in a different colour (colour blocking will be your friend) OR pick a statement accessory in similar colour.
• Put together different shades of one colour – it is good to use a similar saturation of the darker and lighter colour shades.
Details will make your single-colour outfit interesting – pick items that have some kind of embellishment, embroidery, lace, … (you get the idea).
• Add accessories in a neutral colour (monochromatic or nude).
And most of all – have fun with it and experiment!

fashionista, lolita, quaintrelle, georgiana quaint, blogger
photo by Y
fashionista, lolita, quaintrelle, georgiana quaint, blogger