Pantone colours of 2016: Serenity and Rose Quartz

Every year Pantone announce a colour of the year. The year 2016 is a special one because Pantone did not announce only one colour as usual but two! One is a light shade of pink that reminds me of strawberry yoghurt, its name is “Rose Quartz, and the second colour is a light shade of blue called “Serenity”. Some people might not like these, I associate both of these shades with clothes for babies but I love pastel colours so I don´t mind. We could probably expect to see these two colours in this year´s collections of clothes in chain stores or in decorative cosmetics. Two colours provide the possibility to mix them and create patterns etc.
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| trousers and blazer: H&M | sweater: New Yorker (Amisu) | collar with pearls: selfmade |
| sneakers: Vagabond |

The colour of the year is established after searching through trends in movies, popular culture, travelling, etc. I think these two colours would fit more in the year when Marie Antoinette movie came out because it was full of pastel colours and it popularized pastel coloured macaroons. So why this year? Maybe the creators have some unpublished info and I will understand when 2016 is at its end.

Looking at both of these colours and especially their combination make me feel calm and relaxed. Pantone probably wanted to create this feeling in others too. I found out that they wanted to overcome the cultural and gender norms. With today´s situation in Europe such a choice seems “trendy”.

The interesting thing is that associating a colour with gender is a new thing – in other words: pink is for girls and blue is for boys is a relatively new thing. I actually agree because I have seen a lot of rococo men´s clothes that were pink. It always made me feel a bit weird but I believed it was just a different mentality back then, which was probably a correct assumption – they did not look at colours from the gender related perspective! It is true I never heard of it, I heard about the mourning clothes, I heard that in Asia certain colours were reserved for certain socio-economic classes, some colours were considered proper for young people and others for elder.

Who/What is Pantone?
Pantone Inc. is a US corporation that creates Pantone Matching System that include standardized colour swatches with a huge amount of colour shades and their names. Every year Pantone chooses a Colour of the Year that influences the colour spectrum in fashion, cosmetics and more in the upcoming season.