How do fashion trends start? The yetti boots

In today´s post I will try to find out how "yetti" boots (those white furry boots, I don´t know if they have another name, I just call them yetti´s) were (probably not) invented. <fabrication>The fashionista that invented these was into mysteries and legendary animals. She wanted to discover the yetti/sasquatch/bigfoot and was therefore camping a lot in the wilderness. Unfortunatelly she did not have luck and never encountered it. Eventually she gave up but thought about something different - why not introduce the idea of yetti into fashion? Why not make it a fashion business (because like it or not yetti tracking is already a business)? After this revelation she invented the white yetti boots that spread really fast among other fashionistas and a lot of people are wearing them now on the daily basis during winters.</fabrication>

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