It´s time for summer dress

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| nude dress: secondhand | black leather pumps with T strap | black velvet jacket: secondhand | 
You have already seen this dress in one of my later posts. This time I styled it a bit differently. I bought the dress in a secondhand. It reminded me of Art Nouveau style dresses. Of course it is a modern reboot but I saw it has this vibe. Especially the machine embroidery and the light colour of it. It is a nice choice for sunny days. There are belt loopholes on the dress but I wear it without a belt. I like the flowy look of it and do not feel the need to define my waist because I do not feel like fat looking in it. On the other hand I would be curious to see a belt that was included to the dress (when I bought it it was without the belt) because I cannot imagine which belt would actually look good on the dress. Because the dress is quite simple I was not affraid to add black lace tights with floral pattern. It paired nicely with the embroidery. I paired  this with my black leather pumps with T strap from Tamaris that I really love. I am considering buying the same shoes in white colour. Althought white shoes are not considered practical I think I would have enough clothes now that would look good with white shoes.
As you can see I am not wearing much jewellry or accessories. i just chose these big earrings that are made by a local artist (I unfortunatelly don´t have any contact on him/her to share with you) and wanted them to be the statement piece. Maybe some thin bracelet would look nice with the rest of the outfit but I do not own (or do not remember I own) one that would be suitable.

fashion blogger, czech, vintage, quaintrelle, georgiana quaint, secondhand, tamaris, elegant, nude


  1. You're right about the Art Nouveau vibe. The dress looks lovely, and I like the tights with it - they add some detail to the plain fabric of the lower half of the dress. And the earrings are terrific - in the send photo it is almost as if the earring that we can see mirrors the print at the top of your dress. Really lovely! Kx

    1. Thank you, I appreciate your lovely comment very much <3


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