VLOG: Why I am juicing & why can juicing be good for you too

In this Sunday vlog I would like to talk a bit more about juicing. I like to juice oranges and my favourite combination is orange, apples and a bit of carrot. I know that there are some opinions that juicing is not healthy because it makes you eat or dring more vegetables and fruit than you wiuld be able to eat normally and also because you are getting rid of the fibre that is healthy and is in the vegetable and fruits.
On the other hand, I personally feel like I would never be able to even the recommended amount of fruits and vegetables. I would be maximally able to eat one apple a day and when you look at the amount of the fruits and vegetables that are recommended it is much more. I actually do not like to eat vegetables or fruits as they are, for example I need to cut apple into small slices and then I eat it with a fork or I combine it with a plain white yoghurt. The same with banana, I need to cut it into slices and put it in white yoghurt.
Personally I do not drink a lot of the juice that I make, for example one or two glasses a day. This means that I am definitelly not consuming more than is the recommended amount of the fruits and vegetables and at least I am able to somehow put the vitamins and minerals into my system, at least in the form of juice.
As you could have noticed in the timelapse video before I combined the fresh juice from oranges with some blended strawberries that I had in my refridgerator. I like this combination because it is sweet and it brings me back to summer and I feel like I have more energy, I feel more energetic.
I have been juicing for about two years. By juicing I am not saying I am dieting, I am drinking juices with some other meal, I am not replacing meals with juice or with a smoothie. maybe I will try it some day, I will see. But I feel that when I was juicing I felt that I had more energy and I did not catch flu. So this is why I am juicing - energy and immunity.